With over 40 years’ experience in the plastics industry TASC offers a significant contribution to any business in need of professional materials and product support, especially where full time in-house resource is not an option. TASC can open doors to new business opportunities and be a conduit between customer and supplier and vice versa. We specialise in material-based solutions and product design, calling on wide ranging experience from Aircraft Interiors to Automotive, Medical to Retail, Signage, Mass transit, Sign & Display, Specialist Decoration and Surfacing Solutions and beyond.

TASC can explore the vast spectrum of possibilities for plastics applications, having first-hand experience in the design, specification, application, and environmental considerations that create and shape value engineered plastic solutions. Experienced in the benefits of most engineering polymers and specialists in high performance materials with Fire retardancy, high impact, chemical resistance, and high dimensional stability.

  • We offer to undertake Business Development projects for plastics processing companies and material manufacturers.
  • Technical Development consultancy for OEM’s and End Users
  • Material replacement projects​​
  • New Market Developments
  • Weight Reduction Projects
  • Material selection and sourcing.
  • Materials Training
  • Marketing and Presentation
  • Exhibition Support

TASC aspires to add value to your business and can also call on a global contact network of manufacturers and convertors to deliver robust technical solutions

We stand or fall by our watch words - Honesty, Integrity and Creativity.

Call us or mail us today to discuss your needs and requirements and we will do our very best to support your business or work with you to engineer a winning solution. 

We are up to the TASC!

Thermo-plastic, Applications & Solutions Consultancy

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TASC the shape of things to come!